How to Pack your ELH

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Easy Living Packable Hats will stretch to fit different sizes, can be worn in any season, and will pack flat for any adventure! We crocheted a galvanized rope into the edge of the brim, so not only will the brim stay up and provide sun protection, but it is also PACKABLE!  Fold, stuff, flatten, pack... This hat is the easiest to take on any adventure or trip! 
All of our packable hats come packaged in a "hat bag" for travel and storage.  If you leave your hat in your car, or pack on the top of a full suitcase, we suggest using the hat bag to store and protect when you are not using it! 
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The safest way to store your hat is laying flat, in its bag.  
To place inside the bag, just fold and insert into the bag, and the hat will lay flat inside too! 

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But if you're not as careful that's okay! You can also fold them up small to tuck inside a backpack: 
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Storing at home: Keep in bag and hang it on a coat rack with the rest of your outdoor gear or wares! 

Check out this fun TIK TOK we made to show you how to pack your ELH Packable Hats: 


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