Deet-free Bug Spray

$7.00 $5.00

This all natural Bug Spray formulation not only smells great but is extremely effective against critters of all kinds. It’s non-toxic, and safe for even children + pets!  It repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas + spiders, and also relieves irritation + inflammation from existing bites and stings. Customers have commented on it's pleasant scent that's not heavy in citronella like other natural bug spray son the market.

2 oz

Made in United States


Sizing: There is a stretch to these hats that makes the measurements less exact. Please note these generally fit an average size Please check your measurements to make sure this is the right fit for you. Loose hat measurements: top to ear: 6.5-7 inches / around head: 20-23 inches/ brim: 3-3.5 inches Feel free to Stretch these hats on your first wear!

Sizing: This Unisex style beanie is stretchy & adjustable. It stretches to be 13-15 inches tall. It stretches 9-10 inches across. Roll up for small sizing

All of our Hats are machine washable. To avoid possible shrinking, low tumble heat or air dry. .

Deet-free Bug Spray
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