Peru Collection Hat


In honor of the Artisans and craftsmanship that goes into the making of each North Ferry Packable Sun Hat we created a Souvenir Collection of our Restocked Hat colors that come with authentic, hand-woven hat string that can be worn in 2 ways. 

Use the Hat string as a chin strap or Wrap/Tie the Hat string around the hat like a band. Both ways add style and security to your all-seasonal Sun Hat. 

Each Band is made with Peruvian Wool fibers and woven in a "Friendship Weave" similar to a Friendship bracelet. Please note that no two cords are the same and you will select between an "earthy" mix or "colorful" mix, and receive a variation of what's pictured. 

This is an special collection, in which hats with string are available together and you can design your hat color combo at checkout. Only 25 available, so shop while supplies last. 

**please note, we do not have the string available to purchase individually. 

Hat Color :
Cord Color :

Sizing: There is a stretch to these hats that makes the measurements less exact. Please note these generally fit an average size Please check your measurements to make sure this is the right fit for you. Loose hat measurements: top to ear: 6.5-7 inches / around head: 20-23 inches/ brim: 3-3.5 inches Feel free to Stretch these hats on your first wear!

Sizing: This Unisex style beanie is stretchy & adjustable. It stretches to be 13-15 inches tall. It stretches 9-10 inches across. Roll up for small sizing

All of our Hats are machine washable. To avoid possible shrinking, low tumble heat or air dry. .

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