Travel Recommendations for San Juan, Puerto Rico

These are my top favorite recommendations from my recent "mom-cation" As a single-mama who loves solo travel, let me help you have some fun, safe, and affordable options:


The Look: This red dress was perfectly light for humid Caribbean weather and I got it for less than $20

The Food: I loved La Verguenza in Viego San Juan but my favorite meal was from the Ocean Breeze Bar at the Sonesta Beach Resort: Seafood stuffed Plantain. I still can't stop thinking about it! 


The Sights: My hotel was a 20 minute UBER ride to Old San Juan, which is very walkable. I visited  Castillo San Felipe del MorroThe Castillo San Felipe del Morro, or El Morro and my favorite was the Looking towers along the walls. An interesting and artistic way to see the history of the city. 

Support the Locals: I have a soft spot for street vendors from my days of selling on Venice Beach, so if you visit, make sure to get a $5 Coconut drink and support the locals. 

The Perfect Hat: I brought our Top Seller (and my personal hat of 3+ years now!) Packable Sun Hat in Nativo. Not only is it packable and re-packable but its also lightweight enough to wear in the heat, which was crucial for all the time in the sun and exploring the city. 

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