Hat Repair

North Ferry Hats (formally Easy Living Hats) has been making + selling Packable Sun Hats since 2017.  That is 6 years of happy hat sales.  But that is also 6 years of developing and improving our product design. Over these more recent years we have upgrade our brim design to be more durable, flexible, and long lasting.  Its a malleable, flexible metal that can be folded and packed into any size bag (You could even shove it into your jacket pocket!) 

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If you have an older style of hat from our company and want to upgrade the brim,  we will re-wire it as the new style.

We offer this Free Hat repair to all local shoppers.  Just drop off your old hat style at our Ithaca Hat shop.  We can repair on-site or have your hat ready again in 24-48 hour. Since our products are handmade in-house we have all the materials and tools to work on your hats. 

For out-of-town shoppers we do charge a flat rate fee of $15 to cover the cost of shipping. That hat repair service can be found here

packable cotton sun hat, crocheted to be stretchy and fit most sizes.  Color featured is our leaf green hat. Fits Women and Kid sizes. Packable in any size bag


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