Do you have a small head?

I'm sharing a shopping tip for the Hat Fam who wants to save a few bucks and think they have a smaller head size.  If you have trouble fitting hats you might appreciate North Ferry Hats Packable Sun Hat design. They are crocheted to be stretchy, comfortable, and all-seasonal. 

In 2022 we listed a kid size option on our website.  Since our hats are handmade sometimes there are slight variations. Our Kid sizes are hats with a slightly shorter brim or tighter fit that would be more in proportion for smaller head sizes. 


Our "Kid size" listing is also a lower price than our adult sizes. Pro Tip: if you consider yourself a smaller size and you want to save $$ you can order the kids listing.  These hats will stretch to fit anyone who fits between 18-21 inches. 

Kid Size Packable Sun Hats

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