Hemp Fiber for Hats

In March 2023 we released our second "Crochet Your Own North Ferry Hat" Kits for a design we offered years ago.  When I first started North Ferry Hats I was crocheting all the hats myself.  In the first few years I offered a crocheted, hemp Bucket Hat. 

Hemp bucket hat in light tan, flexible and packable style

Because Hemp is stiffer it was rough on my hands and they took twice the amount of time to create.  I tested 8 different brands of hemp twine to find something soft and un-waxed.  I found beautiful spools of European hemp twine but it still was too difficult to produce large quantities of this product design and each year around Spring we get requests for it. 

Crocheting each Sun Hat by hand with all natural european hemp twine

spools of european sourced all natural organic hemp twine

Our Solution: Make it yourself! We decided to take our research and quality hemp and offer this product design as a kit.  You can make it yourself or commission a crocheting friend to make one for you! Plus with a pattern/kit you can customize the size and brim coverage you want. We took all the work out of designing and finding the right twine and are so excited to offer this beside our patterns and kits in 2023. 

crochet hemp bucket hat in light tan natural fiber

The benefits of a hemp bucket hat: 

* packable and flexible

* lasts forever (super durable) 

* the natural oils from our skin soften the fiber over time, making these hats better with wear. 

* lightweight and fits most sizes

* has weight so it doesn't fly off in the wind like a cotton bucket hat. 

Strawberry picking with my packable hemp bucket hat in Upstate NY

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