Which is better? Sun hat or Sunscreen?

“Sun protective clothing and sun hats are the front line of sun protection. Dermatologists recommend UPF 50+ sun protective clothing as the most effective way to protect yourself” (Solbari) but what if you don’t have that when you need it? What's better to keep in your bag: a Sun Hat or Sunscreen?

While SPF 50+ is the most effective way to protect your skin and direct contact, it can cause other issues like skin irritants, spillage in your luggage or purse, and all the re-applying.  A Packable Sun hat is a great option for anyone with skin sensitivities or who uses SPF already as part of a daily skincare routine. A Sun Hat can also help with other weather-related interruptions like rain, snow, sudden windy afternoon..

Packable Sun Hats can be worn while jogging, hiking, at the beach, and in all weather and sun

North Ferry Packable Sun Hats are a crocheted cotton that is stretchy to fit varying sizes. While they do not provide the UPF 50+ rating, our natural fiber offers the same amount of protection as a traditional straw hat, and is a lot more comfortable

Our Packable Sun Hats can be folded, rolled up, packed flat into any type of bag or purse. No worries about spilling or having to reapply every 80 minutes.  Plus you can take it off and store it away when indoors or changing activities. 

While both Sun protective clothing and Sunscreen together are the most effective ways to combat direct UV exposure, we vote to always have a wide brim sun hat tucked away in your bag or car just in case.  This is an easy item to store and reuse for seasons to come. 

March is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and every year our Hat company teams up with the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes with a campaign to bring more attention to skincare practices, including wearing more hats in the sun.  This year we are matching: for every hat sold we will donate a hat to the Cancer Resource Center's boutique: which provides hats, wigs, supplies, and love to women in treatment and recovery. 

We hope you will consider grabbing a sun hat for yourself and helping us reach out goal of 50 hat donations to CRC. Shop our Packable Sun Hats

We still recommend incorporating sunscreen into your daily skincare routine and these are some sustainable brands we love. 


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